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RSA Design Awards - "Beyond Borders"

“Create a campaign, service, product or environment designed to promote inter-cultural understanding promoting engagement with people of diverse backgrounds in ways that recognise differences, create connections and cultivate respect.”

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The Concept:

My design concept for this project was an interactive ‘Magnetic World Map Wall Display’ for use in Nursery and Primary Schools. It is a large format world map printed on magnetic white board which would be displayed on a classroom wall along with a set of magnets to be used with it by the teacher and children, initially incorporating the following themes:

  • Flags
  • Landmarks
  • Welcome greeting in different languages
  • Name Map Pointers – for use with dry-wipe marker
  • Blank magnets – for creating custom designs

  • As there has been a dramatic increase in the number of ‘newcomer’ children to UK schools, I think this would be of benefit in introducing these children. Their name would be written on the blank map pointer which would be placed on the map to show where they are from. This would allow the other children to learn about their peers and the world around them.

    I think this activity would enable ‘newcomer’ children to feel welcome, valued, respected and give them a sense of belonging. Blank magnets have been provided to enable any flag, landmark, greeting or other custom theme to be drawn on and placed on the map. This map would be beneficial to use in any school at any time of the year to help promote inter-cultural understanding and global awareness regardless of whether or not there are different ethnic groups present in the school or local community.

    Programs Used: