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Student Brief "Dead Wood Archive"

"Celebrate a Dead Wood Archive that lives in a Learning Resource centre close to you. You must utilise the Dewey Decimal System to locate a book. Use your date of birth to generate a personal Dewey number.You must find a book that is closest to your generated number and celebrate it in a manner you see fit.”

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The Concept:

The Dewey Decimal System led me to the ‘Dead Wood Archive’ Voices of Ancient Philosophy.

I decided to celebrate my ‘Dead Wood Archive’ in print with a small 210mm x 210mm saddle stitched promotional booklet with the aim of enticing people to want to read more by retrieving the full version of the book.

I included all the chapter headings and sub-headings to reference the contents of the full version and also selected some additional text as a taster of what is contained in the full book.

I developed a bright colour scheme in reference to the ancient statues being painted garish colours and this gives the booklet a very inviting appearance.

The front cover is charcoal grey and the back cover is white with coloured interior pages and this is in reference to Aristotle’s colour theory that all colours come between black and white and are a mixture of the two (light and darkness).

Programs Used: